ColdFusion Projects


ColdFusion Website

Incentive website in CFML for Baldwin® Hardware:

User:  jchurst1

Password:  cameron1


Data Visualization

The Challenge:

Incentive Team founder asked me to create branded charts/graphs to be displayed on several large-screen TVs located throughout the office during business hours.

He wanted the charts to:

  1. Loop through defined data-points for each client
  2. Identify each client by number only
  3. Automatically refresh so data would be current

Client charts (data sourced from CFCs):


Client Account Search

The Challenge:

Customer service reps. were required to log into separate back-ends when conducting account searches, often while on the phone with a client. A department head requested an easier account search process.

Use active account number:  400018

Beaulieu on-the-fly account number search (data sourced from CFCs):