Hurst Creative

Hurst Creative is home for my free-lance graphic design, web development and digital marketing site. The brand was created in 2010 and the same site had been up for years. I guess the statement “Doctors make the worst patients” is fitting for Web Developers too. In February I decided it was time for a website overhaul.

Hurst Creative

Creating the Brand

My wife and I chose the name Hurst Creative in 2011, and we wanted an emblem that was unique and would be memorable without any text. After several sketches I created a 3-D cube-shaped frame that subtly depicted the letters H and C. I used the sketch as a guide and created a 3-D CAD model of the emblem. I used the Tibetan font ‘Microsoft Himalaya’ for the word ‘Hurst’ and the sans-serif font ‘Lucida Sans’ for the word ‘Creative’.

Sketch-Hurst Creative

Designing the Website

The goal here was to keep existing content and create a unique brochure-style website that focused on user experience and showcased my services.

I wanted a responsive design that contained content positioned ‘below-the-loop’ on each page of the site. I created a layout for the home page and one for secondary pages, each of which stacked into a single-column layout on smaller devices. I sketched out wireframes for each layout to arrange elements and to provide me with some blueprints to work from.

Sitemap-Hurst Creative

Font-Hurst Creative

I wanted crisp and clean typography and used the serif ‘Cambria’ font. The color palette consists of colors used by none other than the University of Georgia Bulldogs, (Go Dawgs!).

The sitemap was designed to ensure that visitors could navigate through the site quickly and easily. The sub-footer or ‘below-the-loop’ content on each page provides visitors with links to articles and downloads without having to use the main navigation bar.

The homepage features a slider containing four rotating slides representing my services. Each slide contains a large ‘Learn more’ button that leads to a service page. Static banners contained in the sub-footer just below the slider link to service pages as well.

Designing the visuals

It was time to push some pixels around in Photoshop. This is always my favorite part of the process because things finally start coming together. I wanted the aesthetic to be clean and focus on services and content. Much of the hard work had already been done creating the wireframes. It was time to experiment with colors and layout and to begin creating image assets. All images were optimized to the smallest file size possible with TinyPNG.

Homepage-Hurst Creative


Hurst Creative now has a contemporary, cross-browser compatible responsive website that provides a great user experience and successfuly showcases my free-lance services.